• Chinese Immersion Program Language immersion is an approach to second language instruction in which teaching and learning of core content occur in a language other than English. This means that the target language is the medium of instruction for the teacher and of learning for the students. Blue Valley uses a dual language immersion model in which students are co-taught by two full-time classroom teachers, spending half of the day in the target immersion language and half in English. The immersion program begins in kindergarten and participating families are asked to make a long-term, multi-year commitment to immersion education.


    The application period for the 2021-22 has closed.



    The goal of immersion is language acquisition at a proficiency level equal to the native language, with content and culture as complementary components. Blue Valley's long-term goal is for students to graduate with distinctive bi-lingual skills in multiple language families that set them apart for academic and professional success, as well as provide lifelong personal reward and global intercultural connections.



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    • Enhances cognitive skills

    • Increases cultural competence

    • Better prepares students for the global community where a second language is an asset

    • Improves performance on standardized tests

    • Teaches second languages skills



    Wolf Springs Elementary

    Blue Valley Schools’ inaugural language immersion program began in the 2017-18 school year at Wolf Springs Elementary. The school will welcome its fifth incoming kindergarten immersion class in August 2021. Up to one-half of immersion students at Wolf Springs come from the Blue Valley Southwest attendance area. Students must be enrolled in in-person learning to apply. 

    Valley Park Elementary

    Valley Park Elementary is the district’s second Chinese Immersion program site. The school will welcome its fourth incoming kindergarten immersion class in August 2021. Students in the VPE attendance area will attend VPE. Students must reside in the VPE attendance boundary to be considered for the VPE program. Siblings of current immersion students will have preference. This preference will continue to be extended to siblings of current VPE Chinese Immersion students regardless of home school. Students must be enrolled in in-person learning to apply.


    *Note: While we anticipate enrollment will be sufficient, in the event of insufficient enrollment for the VPE immersion program, VPE will not offer a Chinese Immersion program for the incoming kindergarten class of 2021-22. All VPE families who submitted an immersion application will have the opportunity to enter into the WSE immersion lottery instead.




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