•  Hello! My name is Kristin Ray and I want to welcome you to our third grade classroom. This year will be full of exciting new adventures for everyone. I like to say the sky is the limit, however I believe we put a man on the moon so there really is no limit! The first few days of school, we will start building a classroom community and get to know each other a little better. 

    I am not exactly new to the Blue Valley School District. I graduated from Blue Valley High School back when it was just Blue Valley and Blue Valley North (not to give away my age) but times have changed since moving back. Let me back up. After graduating from Kansas State University with a journalism degree, I ventured out to other areas of the country. I lived in Vail, Colorado where I worked in advertising, fell in love with hiking in the mountains and of course skiing! I met my future husband while living in Boston and then moved to Chicago where I worked in advertising specialties. It wasn’t until I realized one day how unhappy I was that I decided to go back to school and follow my passion for working with children. I graduated from DePaul University inChicago with my Masters in education.


    Now coming full circle, I enter another year of teaching in Blue Valley at Overland Trail Elementary just a few blocks away from where I grew up. This summer has been spent planning my classroom and packing up the house to move back home to Kansas City.

    My husband, a huge New England fan, is enduring a major challenge of overcoming the idea of living in the Land of Oz but seems to be adjusting well. I have two children that have adapted very well to the new surroundings. Taylan, my 6 year old son, has already fallen in love with K-State football (maybe a little of his mommy’s influence) and has learned to cheer for the Royals – even if his daddy wears Red Sox proudly. My 5 year-old daughter, Mallory loves making up her own words to songs, dancing like no one is watching and has found that playing tea party with her babies can be done in any state.

    (family vacation to Myrtle Beach this summer)

    As for me, I am a passionate mom and bring that same passion to my students in the classroom. I love Kansas State football, vacationing on the beach, doing anything that makes my kids happy and I'll admit, I put on an amazing rock show when I’m alone in the car.

    I’m ready to take on the new school year at Overland Trail and taking our class to soaring heights. Who knows where we will leave footprints this year?

    (Ray Family on Ice)

    (Taylan and Mallory)

  • “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.”- W.B. Yeats