• 5th Grade Parent Handbook 




    Parents and Students,

    This page will help you to understand some of the 5th grade rules and expectations that apply to the entire grade level. Throughout the year, we are striving to make each 5th grader a responsible citizen who puts forth their best efforts to be successful in the classroom and in the community.


    Great Expectations

    Fifth Grade Constitution of Rights and Responsibilities

    Our classroom management plan is called "Great Expectations."  Your child will receive a 5th grade weekly report every Friday.  Each week you will receive this report in the form of your student's check book to alert you as to what kind of week your child has had.  Please review and inital the check register on highlighted or marked line and have your child bring it back to his/her teacher every Monday.


    One of our goals as teachers is to develop student responsibility and accountability.  The 5th grade team at OTE uses a classroom management plan called "Great Expectations."  This program is focused on guiding students toward assuming responsibility for their own behavior and toward becoming self-disciplined.  We believe they will learn skills that foster life-long success.  Students will be learning to make appropriate decisions and choices in four areas:

    ·   Responsibility

    ·   Interactions

    ·   Safety

    ·   Surroundings



    The Great Expectations management plan also aligns with the banking system.. Students will get paid weekly and have the opportunity to earn bonues. There are hundreds of ways to earn bonuses and 10 ways to recieve a fine. We are constantly looking to give children bonuses! 


    Thank you for your support. We are off to a great start and looking forward to an awesome fifth grade year.




    Your 5th Grade Teachers ,


    Mrs. Thomas

    Ms. Franey

    Ms. Moore


    Birthday Treat Ideas

    Gel Pens

    Silly Pens

    Bouncy Balls

    Party Favors



    Mini Note Pads

    Mini Address Books

    Fancy Boxes Bags


    Wooden Building Sets

    Deck of Cards


    Mini Picture Frames


    Craft Kits

    Key Chains


    Rubber bugs, Rubber animals


    Plastic Jewelry

    Silly Putty

    Small Toys

    Coloring Books


    Pencil Toppers




    Finger Puppets

    Squeeze Ball

    Polished Rocks

    Nail Polish

    Rubber Stamps





    Stuffed animals

    Fortune Teller


    Spider Rings

    Wind Up Toys

    Glow Sticks

    Glow Necklaces

    Novelty Toys

    Origami paper

    Paper Airplanes

    Books of games