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    My name is Miika Schooley. I have three children named Atticus, Lincoln and MilaKat. We love to travel, go camping, ride our bikes, WATCH MOVIES, try new restaurants, find free activities in Kansas City, explore this great city, and watch our Atticus rock whatever sport he is playing. Lincoln is obsessed with anything that has a motor. He recently received a Harley Power Wheel and it's a struggle to get him off of it. MilaKat is an angel and just wants to have fun all the time. My children, all children are my passion. 

    I believe in parent/teacher communication to help my students become responsible, successful life long learners. I also believe that teachers have a tremendous impact on a student's development, especially during elementary school years. As a teacher, I am committed to keeping up on different teaching strategies and using those strategies in my classroom. Some strategies I use in my classroom are allowing students to actively explore, inquire, discover, and experiment. I feel these different strategies are crucial to a students learning. They offer a variety of learning situations and instructional formats.

    My classroom is a safe, fair, caring and positive learning environment. I feel these are necessary tools in order to provide the support and motivation our students need to learn and succeed. Every classroom presents a unique community of learners that vary not only in abilities, but also in learning styles. It is my role as the teacher to provide students with the necessary tools to develop their knowledge. In order to accomplish this, I will differentiate lessons as needed.

    Through differentiation I will accommodate all the different learning styles that my students have. Some students are visual, some are auditory, and others are kinesthetic learners. I present my lessons using visuals, hands-on activities, auditory and prompting.

    Ultimately, my goal as a teacher is to equip students with the essential tools needed in life. By giving students knowledge and skills they need to succeed as adults, by urging them to pursue their dreams, and by impressing on them the joy that comes from learning, I believe that I positively impact my students and give them a "love of learning".

    Teachers are virtually limitless in their capacity to touch many different lives, I love being a part of this and understand how crucial my role is.

    Thanks for visiting my page. Please check back often because I update it regularly.