• Stilwell Elementary is proud to be a bucketfilling school.  If you are not familiar with the concept of bucketfilling, it is all about acts of kindness.  Each individual has a bucket that is filled with acts of kindness and he/she is encouraged to fill others' buckets.  Again this year, we will be filling Kindness Catchers (green buckets in each room) with notes acknowledging all the kind acts happening at Stilwell.  Our Tuesday theme on morning broadcast is called GratiTuesday where we take time to say thank you to those students who are being kind to others.  We read some of those notes that the students are putting into the Kindness Catchers.  Hopefully these acts of kindness will remind our students how important it is to make someone else smile and feel special, as well as creating a positive and peaceful environment for learning.  


    We will also continue to focus on one Blue Valley Virtue each month. 

    September-Respect  October-Responsibility   November-Compassion

    December- Compassion January- Self-Discipline  February-Honesty 

    March-Courage   April- Perseverance    May-All Virtues

    Thanks for your help in ensuring that our students realize the importance of virtuous behavior, at home, at school, and in our community.  

  • We will continue to implement Social Thinking, teaching the students about being SOCIAL DETECTIVES and showing EXPECTED behaviors (e.g.- friendly behavior, listening to the teacher, following directions, look at people when they are speaking to you, etc.) and UNEXPECTED behaviors (e.g.- unfriendly behavior, not paying attention in class, not following directions, being rude, etc.).  Additionally, EXPECTED behaviors yield blue thoughts, which means people enjoy being around you and UNEXPECTED behaviors yield red thoughts, which means people may not want to be around you.  We focus on showing EXPECTED behaviors, but when we show UNEXPECTED behaviors that we know how to turn those red thoughts into blue thoughts (e.g.- problem solving).  The students will learn about Superflex, who is our Superhero with a FLEXIBLE BRAIN.  He fights the UNTHINKABLES that may cause our UNEXPECTED behaviors.  Some examples of the UNTHINKABLES are listed below. 

    To learn more about Social Thinking, please visit www.socialthinking.com