• ace_147353004_1234465678.gif Wiki is the short form of a Hawaiian word (wiki-wiki) which means quick.  Wikis are websites that are collaborative in nature.  Say you want to work on a web project with teachers in another state.  A wiki would allow you to do just that.  It makes a great collaborative tool for students too.ace_477470079_1234464708.gif

    Watch this  Video  that explains how wikis work.

    SchoolCenter PictureThe most well-known example of a wiki is Wikipedia.  Here is a Wikipedia page that gives suggestions about why you might want to use wikis in your classroom. 

    SchoolCenter PictureYou might want to also visit Wikis in the Classroom  as it gives some great information about how to set up a wiki.

    SchoolCenter Picture Wikispaces is one free wiki hosting site for teachers to use.  Another hosting site is PB Wiki .  

     ace_609999190_1234466531.gif Here are some examples of actual classroom wikis:

    Terry the Tennis Ball is done by 3rd and 4th grade students.

    5th grade Wiki

    2nd and 3rd grade Wiki


    Lots of elementary examples