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    What is a School Psychologist?   

    Whenever I tell someone I'm aschool psychologist, I get some interesting responses: "What is that?"  or "So you're a counselor...?" or "Oh! Let me tell you about MY kid!"  What I've noticed is that there is often confusion as to what a school psychologist really does - I'm hoping I can help with that!

What is a School Psychologist?

  • School psychologists are highly trained in both psychology and education in order to help help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

What Does a School Psychologist Do?

  • School psychologists work with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and communities in order to create supportive learning environments for children and youth in a variety of ways. Some examples include:

    • Teacher Consultation and Problem Solving for At-Risk students
    • Crisis intervention
    • Behavior Management
    • Attention Concerns
    • State and Federal Special Education Law and Regulations
    • Social Skills Training
    • Self-Esteem Concerns
    • Emotional and Psychological Well-Being
    • Special Education and Gifted Eligibility
    • And more! 


Testing and Assessment

  • A large part of what I do involves administering and interpreting a variety of psychoeducational instruments to students experiencing difficulties in the classroom (academic or behavioral). The results of these instruments can contribute to the development of intervention plans or to an evaluation to see if a student is eligible for special education services. Through assessment, school psychologists can help determine the needs of students with vastly different educational concerns including:

    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • ADHD and Processing Disorders
    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Autism
    • Developmental Delays
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
    • Giftedness
    • And more!