• Debate camp, really?
    Similar to our athletic programs, novice and varsity debaters will often choose to spend a week, two, or more of their summer at a debate camp. As a district, we offer a 1 week camp that provides a thorough background on the topic, lectures on debate practice/theory, and research on the cases that will be debated the upcoming year. As a school, we offer a 3-day novice jump start.  Both fliers are attached at the bottom of this page.  I don't require camp, but it definitely gives those who attend a leg up on their competition.

    Is it for me?
    Every student should have the goal of getting better. Since there is quite a selection, they range in services.  If you are a novice or going into year 2 of debate, the Blue Valley Camp is probably for you. If you think varsity is where you want to compete, spending part of summer on self-improvement can be the best way of keeping up with the competition from across the state. If you tell me what you are looking for, I can narrow your search down. The benefits of camp include more information on the topic, practice on skill sets, and a fun atmosphere to get to know people.  You can check out colleges of interest while living on their campus for a few weeks. 

    How much does a camp cost?
    The Blue Valley camp is around $150 for 1 week, this includes all the technology, lectures, research, and your personal files that will start your season.  Most camps (local-KU, KSU, UMKC) start around $800 if you commute and about $1200 if you stay on campus.  You can obviously spend more, but it depends on what you want out of the camp. The BVSW novice jump start is offered at $60.  If you have any questions regarding possible camps please email me so that I can get your child in the best working situation for them.