Jared Zuckerman
    Director of Debate for Blue Valley Southwest.  He's a 10-time state champion coach and has been recognized as the Kansas DCI Coach of the Year in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016. In addition to his team winning the 2017 NCFL national championship, he has qualified 26 teams to nationals, 2 TOC qualifers, and 14 top-50 finishes. Finally, his teams have been recognized as a National Debate School of Excellence in 2012, 2016, and 2017.  

    Chris Birzer
    One of the most prolific debaters in KS history, Chris was a 2-time state champion and 2-time DCI champion for Blue Valley West.  He qualified for the TOC as a senior in high school, including competing in elimination rounds of the Caucus, KCKCC, and the Glenbrooks.  Chris is a 3-time NDT participant and will be a student teacher at BVSW this season.

    Allie Chase
    Allie is a graduate student and assistant debate coach at the University of Kansas. She has coached teams to the elimination rounds of national college tournaments such as Kentucky, Wake Forest, Northwestern, Texas, CEDA, and the the National Debate Tournament. In addition to that, she has coached teams to elimination rounds at many regional tournaments, including UMKC, Northern Iowa, Wichita State, and multiple JV Nationals tournaments. She will be coaching the KU and BVSW debate teams this season.


    Chris Fry
    Chris will be an incoming junior at the University of Kansas and debating.  His resume includes being the novice state semi-finalist, a 3-time DCI partipant, making it to elimination rounds of nearly every national tournament his junior and senior year.  He earned a TOC bid at Colleyville as a senior and will be working primarily with the varsity.  Chris finished as one of the top debate teams in the country last year. 

    Jacob Hegna
    Jacob will be a junior debating at KU. He was in elimination rounds of state all three of his varsity seasons, includinig the 2014 state championship.  He has earned 2 TOC bids, made DCI three times, and was in late elimination rounds of CFL and NFL nationals his junior/senior years. Jacob finished his career as the 3rd ranked debater in the country and will be working with our varsity debaters.  In college, he received a 1st-round invitation to the NDT and finished in the quarter-finals of the 2017 NDT.

    Margo Johnson
    Margo will be a sophomore attending the University of Kansas.  She was a member of the 2016 4-speaker state championship and was also the NCFL national semi-finalist that season.  Margo's career accomplishments also include reaching the elims of numerous local and national tournaments, including Hutch, Wichita East, Newton, KCKCC, and Shawnee Mission East.  She will be working with the team for the first time this season.

    Lainey Schrag
    Lainey is a graduate of BVSW and will be a junior at KU debating.  She has been a 2-time DCI participant while an active member of band, theatre, and forensics at Southwest.  She was the 2015 4-speaker state runner-up and a multiple national qualifier in speech/debate.  Lainey will be working with our novices after school and be one of the chaperones for them this season.