• The following is a tentative outline for the 2017 tournament calendar.  School locations tend to change as coaches leave or administrations move around host dates.  If you have any questions, please contact me at jzuckerman@bluevalleyk12.org

    Advanced Regular Season Tournaments (pick a minimum of 3)

    Local Season Tournaments (pick a minimum of 3)

    9/16                 St. James and Olathe North
    9/22-23            Judge at BVSW District novice scrimmage
    9/30                 BVN, Pittsburg-Sat Only
    10/6-7              BV West
    10/14               Olathe East
    10/21               BVNW
    10/28               Spring Hill
    11/3-4              BVHS (both days)
    11/10-11          SMEast (both days)
    11/17-18          St. Thomas Aquinas
    11/18               Louisburg
    12/1-2              Host Invitational (help run/secure judging…part of grade)

    DCI/Varsity Season Tournaments (pick a minimum of 3)

    9/15-16            DCI- Washburn Rural HS
    9/22-23            DCI- SMNW
    9/29-30            DCI-Olathe Northwest (both days)
    10/6-7              Weekend Off
    10/13-14          DCI- Hutchinson
    10/20-21          DCI- Buhler
    10/27-28          Weekend Off
    11/3-5              DCI/TOC- KCKCC
    11/10-11          DCI- SM East
    11/17-18          DCI- Topeka HS
    12/1-2              Host Invitational (help run/secure judging…part of grade)
    12/1-2              DCI- Lawrence HS, CFL National Qualifer @BVSW
    12/8-9              NSDA National Qualifer
    12/15-16          5a KSHSAA Regionals
    1/5-6                DCI Tournament @BVSW
    1/12-13            5a KSHSAA State Championship

    TOC/National Calendar-
    9/14-17            Greenhill, Dallas TX
    9/22-24            Valley, Des Moines IA
    10/5-8              New Trier, Chicago IL
    10/19-22          Iowa Caucus, Cedar Rapids IA
    11/3-5              KCKCC, KCKS
    11/16-19          Glenbrooks, Chicago IL
    12/8-10            Dowling, Des Moines IA
    1/4-7                MBA, Nashville TN
    1/5-6                Westside, Omaha NE
    2/2-4                Colleyville, Dallas TX
    2/23-24            Iowa City West, IA
    3/23-25            Novice/JV Nationals, Atl GA
    4/14-16            NDCA Nationals, Atl GA
    4/27-30            Tournament of Champions, Lexington KY
    5/25-28            CFL Nationals, Washington DC
    6/16-23            NSDA Nationals, Ft. Lauderdale FL