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    Blue Valley West High School has supported a Mens Swim & Dive Team since the school opened in 2001. The team welcomes men grades 9-12 that are academically eligible as outlined by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. Jaguar Swim and Dive occurs during the winter with a season that begins mid-November and runs through February capped off with the exciting Kansas State Swim Meet. The Jaguars Swim & Dive Team has experienced tremendous growth over the past eighteen years and plans to continue its commitment to excellence creating a positive, structured, environment for athletes while promoting individual improvement, team camaraderie, and great sportsmanship.

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    The Head Coach for  the Jaguar Mens Swim Team is Tobin Sample .  Coach Sample has coached the mens swim team since Blue Valley West opened in 2001.  He was a club and high school swimmer growing up and swam at the University of Nebraska.

      The Assistant Coaches for the Mens Swim & Dive Teams are Chris Stack This is Coach Stack 3rd year as an assistant coach at Blue Valley West. And Jordan Rowlen is joining us an assistant coach this year. This will be her 1st year with the boy's program and she is also the girl's head swimming coach here at West.

    The Diving Coach for Blue Valley West is Robert Ayers.  This is Coach Ayers' 1st season as the Dive Coach for Blue Valley West. 



    • To develop the finest swimming and diving teams possible at Blue Valley West High School, in the Eastern Kansas League, and the State of Kansas.

    • To become the most physically fit swim and dive team with a commitment to hard work.

    • To teach sportsmanlike, winning attitudes that will filter throughout Blue Valley West High School.

    • To learn to compete for victory and learn what it means to be the best and to take pride in your hard work.

    • To encourage time management of the most important things in our lives; our families, our school, and our sport.

    • To teach self-confidence and self-respect that will stay with our swimmers and divers throughout their lives.


    • All swimmers and divers will comply with the rules, regulations, policies, procedures and consequences as outlined in the Activities Handbook.


    • As a swimmer or diver, you are to show self-discipline and responsibility both in and out of your sport.


    • Use of alcoholic beverages, e cigarettes, tobacco products and non-prescription drugs or substances will not be tolerated.


    • Swearing on the deck, in the pool, in the locker room, on trips etc. is prohibited.


    • Keep yourself eligible to swim.  Keep up with your school work!  Study tables will be instituted to help swimmers stay on top of their studies, if necessary!


    •  To participate in our League Championship Meet, you must practice with the high school swim team during the majority of afternoon practices no later than winter break and swim in the majority of the meets.


    • If you are going to be late for a practice let one of the coaches know in advance.


    • If you are going to miss a practice, you must notify one of the coaches either in person, by phone, or by email, before the practice otherwise the practice is unexcused.


    • You will sit out one meet after two unexcused practices.


    • If you have four unexcused practices, you will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season.


    • Report all injuries to the coach and trainer when they occur so that we can know to help you.


    • Any violation of the rules will result in some form of disciplinary action.  The kind of action will be determined by the seriousness of the infraction.  Each situation will be handled on an individual basis.



    • You are responsible for your own equipment.  It must be packed in your bag and loaded on the bus by you.  Be sure you have everything!

    • You may be asked to help the coaches and managers with extra equipment.  Antything you are asked to load on the bus, you will unload and be responsible for both at the meet and the return home.

    • Be sensible when you choose to bring food with you on a trip.

    • You will return with the team unless prior arrangements have been made with the coaching staff.  A note must be in your coaches hand before we leave Blue Valley West.  It is highly encouraged that you ride the bus to and from all meets!

    • Clean up the visiting locker room and seating area before leaving.

    • You are responsible for all valuables that you bring.  Leave them at home if you do not want to lose them.

    • Remember three basic guidelines: do what is right, do the best that you can, and treat others the way you want to be treated.


    To earn a letter at Blue Valley West for the Mens Swim & Dive Team you must:

    1.  Earn a Qualifying Time or Consideration Time for the State Meet


    2. Place in the Top 12 individually at the EKL Championship


    3. Score a total of 32 individual points during the season at varsity meets


    Above all else you must remain in good standing with the team and at the school throughout the entire swim and dive season.