Find It

Check the Copyright

  • 2 easy steps!

    1.  Once you find your picture, find the "rights reserved" link. 

    Most will look like this:

    SchoolCenter Picture

    If you are at Photopin, you have to copy the URL out of the HTML code and paste that into your web browser:


    then you will see something like this to click:


    2.  Clilck on that and it will take you to what you CAN do with that picture and explain how to properly make attribution.

    SchoolCenter Picture


Give Credit

  • Give Credit to the creator of the image that you are using!  An example of this is to detail that the you did not create the image/work and to give credit to whomever did.  You should provide a link back to their page as well.  You also do not want to give the impression that they endorse you or your work.  Instructions are on that same page as above, just scroll down!

    SchoolCenter Picture