• Jump Rope for Heart

    Amount raised in 2015: $11,771

    Goal for 2016: $12,000 

    Event Date: February 1-5

    Fundraising Deadline: February 19

    Students will be promoting healthy hearts by participating in jump rope activities in PE class the week of Feb. 1 and raising money for the American Heart Association. They can earn prizes for money raised. See attached resources below for more information. Please note that it is NOT required to fundraise and bring in donations. Every child will be able to participate. 

    It's really easy to make a fundraising page and do all donations ONLINE. Visit www.heart.org/jump to make a page and join the Cedar Hills team! You won't have to worry about sending checks or cash, plus your child can earn more prize "puppies."

    BONUS PRIZE: Check out the SkyZone flier! Students can earn a free jump pass when earning $125 in donations!

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