Jenni Houlton  SchoolCenter Picture

    3rd grade

    Cedar Hills Elementary


    Email- jhoulton@bluevalleyk12.org



     What to do at home?  

    At home Read 20 min./evening

          Review spelling

        Practice math facts


    Weekly Schedule

      Day 1 Computer

      Day 2 PE/Spanish

      Day 3 Spanish/PE

      Day 4 Music

      Day 5 Art

    Library Check is on Tuesdays and Counselor on Mondays ( 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off)


     Your child is welcome to bring treats for his/her birthday in the afternoon. We would like to do birthday treats from 3:00-3:30 in the afternoon. Also, please make sure it is off the birthday treat list.  The treats should be ready to serve.  It would be a great help if you would send napkins.  I would prefer that you not send drinks.  Summer birthdays may celebrate "half" birthdays.  There are 19 students in our class.  We'd prefer peanut free treats. ( see treat list)


    Volunteers are always welcome in our classroom. How it has worked in the past is that parents sign up for a particular day and they come help out in the classroom on the assigned days. I love having parents around, please feel free to pop your head in.


      All assignments should be easily understood, as they will reflect activities previously covered in class.  If you encounter a problem, please send a note to school with your child.  You may also want to voice mail me.  I will respond as soon as I am able.  If you child has unfinished class work you will see that in the homework folder.  It will also be noted in the assignment notebook.  Nightly homework includes reading 20 minutes min. a night, studying spelling words, and reviewing addition and subtraction facts.

     Class List  

    Our Class 2014-2015


    Chase C

    Arju C

    Meredith C

    Ethan E

    Makenzie G

    Maha G

    Kenny H

    Ty L

    Alisha M

    Divya N

    Nick N

    Kavya P

    Raghu P

    Corey R

    Zachary S

    Karan S

    Krish S

    Mazie T

    Avery V

    Maddy W

    Tanvi Y

    Jacob Z