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    Cheetah Champs... Excelling Every Day

    Welcome to Mr. Monsees classroom web page!  View the class schedule, calendar and other information from the navigation left sidebar.  This year, our class is participating in the Innovation Spaces project hosted by Blue Valley School District. We will be utilizing a variety of technology tools to enrich the classroom experience. From this pilot program, we will be able to determine best practice and truly impact student learning in an engaging manner.  To view more information about the project, see the Innovation Spaces link in the left sidebar.  

  • At CHE, we have a "Nut Safer" policy for snacks and drinks. It is important that you follow the list of approved foods, otherwise your child will not be able to enjoy his or her treat! If you would like to bring in something special for your child for his or her birthday, please again follow the guidelines provided on the CHE website