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    SchoolCenter Picture Math Actitivies   Mathematics problems, games, and articles...

    SchoolCenter Picture FunBrain   A favorite site with a huge variety of mathematics fun games for all elementary age groups...

    SchoolCenter Picture CoolMath4Kids  Another huge favorite with students, teachers and parents because it is colorful and chock full of terrific games that both entertain and teach wondeful mathematics concepts...  

    SchoolCenter Picture A+ Math  This math site is multilayered with games, practice pages for a huge varitey of math concepts, and even has a "Homework Helper" section...

    SchoolCenter Picture Math Playground A playground variety of math logic puzzles, word problems, games, and even instructional videos...

    SchoolCenter Picture GameAquarium  Gamequarium.com can be used by parents, teachers, and students of all ages who are in pursuit of fun, interative learning experiences. The games and activities are arranged by subject to allow for ease of navigation.

    SchoolCenter Picture Ask Dr.Math   Ask Dr. Math is a question and answer service for math students and their teachers. A searchable archive is available by level and topic, as well as summaries of Frequently Asked Questions.

    SchoolCenter Picture King's List of On-line Math Activities   A comprehensive list of hundreds of other great math games, instructional sites, and practice pages for kids that will add hours of enjoyment while learning valuable math concepts.

    SchoolCenter Picture Readquarium   Vocabulary, book websites, book talks, comprehension, and more!

    SchoolCenter Picture The My Hero Project     My Hero is a non-profit educational project that brings information to a global audience. From peacemakers such as Nelson Mandela to scientific visionaries such as Albert Einstein, visitors can explore historical and contemporary heroes. Visitors are also invited to create web pages about the people who inspire them, providing thousands of children and their parents a chance to tell their stories. Grades 2-12

    SchoolCenter Picture Primary Reading Games   Something for the younger crowd...

    SchoolCenter Picture Scholastic Scolastic has been a friend to education for many, many years, and their site has tons of great games and activities related to reading.

    SchoolCenter Picture Interactive Reading Sites    This is a potpourri of interactive reading sites with a huge variety of emphasis.  There's something for everyone!

    SchoolCenter Picture PoetrySplatter   Writing poems has never been so much fun!  Are you ready to get messy and SPLAT your own poem?

    SchoolCenter Picture Writing for Children   Writing Workshop with super guides and support.

    SchoolCenter Picture Writing Contest/Random House The prize of a book contract (on the Publisher's standard form) for a hardcover and a paperback edition, including an advance and royalties, will be awarded annually to encourage the writing of contemporary or historical fiction set in North
    America, for readers age 9-12. The award consists of $1,500 in cash and a $7,500 advance against royalties.

    SchoolCenter Picture  Kids on the Net/Writing Kids on the Net was one of the first websites on the internet to invite children to submit their writing. Now there are thousands of Kids on the Net writers - have a read!

    SchoolCenter Picture  Writing Contests for KIDS  Writing contests also offer kids an experience with deadlines and writing within certain parameters (like specific word count) which can be beneficial. Writing contests for kids also offer prizes sometimes which can give your kids extra motivation and, if they win, a chance to have their work recognized, something that doesn't happen to young writers very often compared to kids who excel at other skills like sports and music.

    SchoolCenter Picture KansasRoboticsLeague   The Robot League was conceived to help kids realize their potential. Using Lego Mindstorms Robot Invention Systems (RIS) kits, students build and program real, autonomous robots to accomplish specific tasks.

    SchoolCenter Picture National Geographic for KIDS Games, activities, videos, games and MORE!

    SchoolCenter Picture Art Sites for KIDS  A long list of art activities and opportunities to enrich art talent in all children who are interested

    SchoolCenter Picture Art Activities and Links  Here are links to art galleries showing works by kids, and a variety of online lessons

    SchoolCenter Picture Many more art websites 

    SchoolCenter Picture Spelling Bee Practice   This is specifically for practice for the 2008-09 Scripps Spelling Bee.

    SchoolCenter Picture Lakewood Middle School Websites  Here is a whole page of great website links that are very popular with all the students!

    SchoolCenter Picture Sheppard's Software  This website is filled with many educational games, quizzes and activities and that make learning fun for children!

    SchoolCenter Picture TED.com Want to know what the world's most innovative thinkers are talking about...and doing?  Check this out!!

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    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.

    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.

    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.

    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.

    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.

    SchoolCenter Picture Information about the Web site.