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  K-2 CCSS Textbook Eval 3-2012
  The following criteria were identified by the authors of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The criteria identified concentrated on the most critical elements of the CCSS for literacy inthe kindergarten through 2nd grade. According to the authors
  Key Criteria for Reading Foundations
  By the end of Kindergarten students should be comfortable with:
  • Writing and recognizing letters of the alphabet
  • Know the primary sound/symbol relationship of every letter.
  By the end of 1st grade students should be comfortable with:
  • English spelling patterns
  • Conventions to decode regular, one-and two-syllable words, including those with inflections
  • Apply knowledge of English spelling patterns and conventions in writing
  • Produce one-and two-syllable words that are phonemically complete and decipherable
  By the end of 2nd grade students should be comfortable with:
  • Decoding automatically
  • Reading with fluency
  • Read independently with automaticity
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