• Cynthia Mettlach

    Integrated Algebra 6

    Contact hours:  10:15-11:00 am

    For e-mail, use my "Contact Me" form.

  • Welcome to sixth grade math!  I am looking forward to an awesome year working with your child.  Just a few details about my class:

    My philosophy:  I believe all students can find success and enjoyment in mathematics.  I will work to help make your student a more independent, organized student, with an additional focus on good study habits.

    Math concepts to be covered this year will include operations with rational numbers, algebra, the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents, geometry, and integers. 

    Homework:  Completing homework assignments on time is essential to a student's success in mathematics.  Homework will be assignment almost daily (with the exception of most Fridays).  All assignments are due at the beginning of the next class day, unless otherwise noted.  All homework assignments can be viewed on the School Center website daily.  Worksheets can be found an dprinted under class handouts on this website.

    Grading:  I will grade on a total point basis, with homework and quizzes worth 50 points or less (completion on homework) and unit tests worth 100 points.

    Make-up work:  Students are responsible for contacting me or accessing the school center website for missed work.

    E-Mails:  I will check my emails periodically during the day and most likely will answer any questions within a 24 hours period.

    I am excited about the new school year and about working with your child.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to teach your student mathematics.