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    Welcome to the PRMS
    Counseling Corner!
  • Mr. Scrivner

    Taylor Scrivner

    8th Grade M-Z, 6th Grade Counselor



  • Mrs. Meek

    Stephanie Meek

    8th grade A - K Counselor, 7th Grade Counselor



  • Mrs. Knight

    Christine Knight

    Counseling Secretary and School Registrar


  • A Few Reasons to See The School Counselor:

    • Friendship Problems
    • Worried
    • To Share Feelings
    • Anger
    • Loss of a loved one
    • Changing Family
    • Sadness
    • Self-Esteem
    • Schoolwork Challenges
    • Help with a family concern
    • Being teased or bullied
    • Making new friends
    • Tools to make good choices
    • Parenting Tools
    • Good News! 


  • Counseling Calendar 2016-2017

    This school year, our counseling curriculum will rotate through the core classes at each grade level.

  • Middle School Program Planning Guide 2016-2017

    Open the attachment to view course descriptions that are offered at Pleasant Ridge Middle School.  This information is helpful for enrollment.  Please contact a counselor if you have any questions.


  • District Guidance Curriculum

    The Blue Valley counselors have a curriculum for each of the grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade. The link below will take you directly to the district counseling curriculum.

  • Project Alert

    Project Alert Survey Links

    Project Alert is a skills-based curriculum that teaches teens how to say "NO."

    Each day, America's teenagers are bombarded with misleading messages about drugs. Glamorized by media and endorsed by peers, the consequences of drug use and experimentation are dangerously disguised, and often hidden altogether.

    The reality is that drug use can alter a teen's life forever. That's why every student should be given the tools to make a decision against using drugs. PE teachers and counselors will be teaching the Project Alert curriculum throughout the remainder of the school year in 7th and 8th grades during guided study.