Mrs. Andrea Foxworthy

     Spanish  2.5 and 3.0


  • PLAN:

    I am a part time teacher and do not have a set planning period. Please see me any day before school.

    Office Phone : 239-3775

    Preferred contact is email, link is above!.


Needed Supplies:

  •   Ø  A space to organize your Spanish paperwork (binder/folder/section of a binder)

    Ø  Planner

    Ø  package of 3x5 notecards

    Ø  paper clips

    Ø  Dry erase markers - 2 are required and will be turned in to Sra. F.

    Ø  Pencils/Pens

    Ø  Notebook paper (Please no fringy paper!)

    Pencil Pouch that has a zipper