• Debra Waldorf

    Blue Valley West Art Teacher

    National Art Honor Society Sponsor

    Phone:  913-239-3761


  • Welcome to my profile page.  I have been teaching art for many years and it is my passion.  I truly enjoy teaching your high school students as they keep my perspective on life fresh and I consider it a gift that I am glad to go to work each day. My goal for your student is to help them recognize that everyone can make and/or appreciate art...it is just a matter of learning a series of techniques combined with little bits and pieces of what I call "tricks."  But more than that, I love to show people how we are so very connected to the visual arts.  To me, art is the icing on the cake and there for all to enjoy and it can tell us so much about ourselves, our world, and our culture. Art is a conduit to creative problem solving which can help your student excel in life more so than an other course. Everything your child does on a minute-by-minute basis is problem solving and they are not limited by only one correct answer as the solution. Brain science has shown that the arts expand your student's ability to be a creative thinker as well, which can put your child head and shoulders above their peers that do not "see" things in a creative way.

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