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    Communication Arts Department

    Communication Arts Honors and AP Summer Reading Requirements 

    Counseling Department

    Enrichment Department


    Foreign Language Department

    Freshmen Advisory ~ JAG

    Math Lab Hours

    Social Studies Department

    Special Education Program


    Basic Graduation Requirements


    Communication Arts
    4 credits
      Communication Arts I
    1 credit
      Communication Arts II
    1 credit
        Communication Arts III or

      Advanced Placement Communication Arts III
    1 credit
        Senior Communication Arts Electives or

        Advanced Placement Communication Arts IV

      or Contemporary Communications
    1 credit
    Social Studies
    3 credits
      World History
    1 credit
      American History
    1 credit
      American Government
    1/2 credit
      Social Studies elective
    1/2 credit
    Laboratory Science
    3 credits
    (3 credits required beginning with class of 2009)  
      Biological Sciences
    1 credit
      Physical Sciences
    1 credit
    3 credits
    Physical Education
    1 credit
    1/2 credit
    Computer Technology Course
    1 credit
        See Computer Courses listed in the Business

        and Computer Technology and Family and Consumer

      Sciences course listings.
    1 credit
      Performing Arts
    Practical Arts  
      Family and Consumer Sciences
      Industrial Technology
    8 1/2 credits
    24 credits

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    "Excellence is Academic at Blue Valley West"
    The Excellence Curriculum


    1. Too many students are lost to the 6th and 7th semester for the wrong reasons.
    2. We believe students who average a "B" in the excellence curriculum will score higher than students with an "A" average in a less rigorous curriculum on national tests. (This has been somewhat proven by ACT studies that indicate the level of courses a student takes in high school is more important than GPA in predicting ACT success).


    1. To present a statement to students and parents of a plan that allows and supports academic rigor for the college bound student.
    2. To provide counselors with a support tool of staff recommendations for an excellence curriculum.
    3. To provide parents and students with a contract of commitment to academic excellence for four years.
    4. To provide a program of curriculum excellence that effectively competes with any private or public high school in America.


    • 4 credits of Math including Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or AP Statistics
    • 4 credits of Communication Arts (one honors or A.P. course required)
    • 4 credits of Science including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, AND one of the following: AP Chemistry or AP Biology
    • 4 credits of Social Studies including two of the following: AP Economics, AP Government, AP Psychology; AND one of the following: AP U.S. History or AP European History
    • 3 credits of the same Foreign Language (all must be taken in high school)
    • 4 credits of Performance, Practical, or Visual Arts

      23 credits Excellence Curriculum
      +2.5 Additional (1.0 P.E., 0.5 Health, 1.0 Computer)
      +2.5 electives


        (3 college credits = 1/2 high school credit)

      28 Minimum Total Requirements

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    Grading Systems


    Blue Valley officially recognizes two different grading systems. On the report cards and transcripts each student will receive one grade point average (GPA) which is based on the four point system for all courses (A=4 points; B=3 points; C=2 points; D=1 point; F=0 points). Each student will also receive a second grade point average which gives certain courses a weighted grade. All other courses continue to receive the points listed above on the four point scale. The students' transcripts will have two class ranks listed, one for each grading system. Courses earning pass/fail or K credit are not counted in the GPA.

    The courses receiving weighted credit are as follows:

    Computer: Advanced Placement Programming in Java
    Communication Arts: Honors Communication Arts I and II and Advanced Placement Communication Arts III and IV
    Foreign Language: Advanced Studies in German, Spanish IV (A/B) and Spanish V, French IV (A/B)
    Mathematics: Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Advanced Placement Statistics and Advanced Placement Calculus and Analytic Geometry
    Science: Advanced Studies in Biology, Honors Biology and Advanced Studies in Chemistry
    Social Science: Advanced Studies in American Government, Advanced Placement in American Government, Advanced Placement in American History and Advanced Placement Psychology

    The formula to calculated weighted grades is:

    Weighted GPA = Standard GPA +
    # of Weighted Courses
    7(# of semesters)

    Students will receive weighted grades only for the courses listed above for grades of A, B, or C. Students moving into the Blue Valley District will receive weighted grade credit for courses listed above taken in a previous high school. Students who take any of the courses listed above on a college campus will not receive weighted grades unless the principal approves the weighting in advance. Approval will be based on the availability of the same course at the high school.