Stacey Eubanks



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Stacey Eubanks

It is my privilege to serve as the Principal of Liberty View Elementary. LVE is a strong learning community of supportive families, talented and dedicated educators and motivated learners. We are a school that acutely understands and passionately works to ensure ALL students feel safe and loved. Because we do this, students are able to learn and achieve their maximum potential - a BEST SELF.

Our focus is to prepare students for the path, concentrating on skills that will serve them throughout life. Learning to read, write and compute mathematically merely begins to describe the skills they will learn and practice during their elementary years. Deeper learning will include:

– critical thinking
– problem-solving
– logic and reasoning
– creativity
– artistry
– curiosity
– imagination
– innovation
– resiliency
– self-management
– adaptability
– initiative
– effective communication
– leadership
– teamwork and collaboration
– technology and media literacy
– civic and social-justice literacy
– global awareness
– multicultural literacy
– scientific literacy
– environmental literacy
– health and wellness literacy

Our Eagle family is excited to be working with your children and family. Please feel free to contact us at any time as we work together to grow and educate our students!

Stacey Eubanks, MPA, MEd
Liberty View Elementary​​​​