• Community service is an important part of a student's educational responsibility. A student benefits from activities that help those in need, assist those less fortunate, and promote the general welfare of others. For these reasons, we encourage all Bulldogs to participate in community service activities as their schedules allow.


    There are a wide range of activities that qualify a student for community service hours, but determining whether or not a particular activity qualifies can be difficult at times. Please see the Mission Trail Community Services Guidelines for more information.


    The reporting period is April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 and hours can be logged on the PTO Toolkit.


    Each May, Mission Trail hosts an all-school assembly to recognize students who have volunteered. Students earning 50+ hours of community service will be invited to ask two guests to attend the assembly and a special reception. Awards are given as follows:

    Mission Trial Service Award
     - for students completing 10-25 hours of service

    President's Volunteer Service Award - students ages 5-10 as of April 1 of the current reporting period
    Bronze - Students completing 26-49 hours
    Silver - Students completing 50-74 hours
    Gold - Students completing 75+ hours


    President's Volunteer Service Award - for students age 11+ as of April 1 of the current reporting period
    Bronze - Students completing 50-74 hours
    Silver - Students completing 75-99 hours
    Gold - Students completing 100+ hours

    The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is a nationally-recognized award from the Office of the President given to students who have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service during the previous twelve months. The four students completing the most hours of service will be recognized at a district-wide assembly.


    For the past seven years, Mission Trail has earned the honor of being named a Blue Valley Schools "School of Service." We want to continue the trend again this year by having at least 5% of the student body earn the President's Volunteer Service Award by March 31, 2020.


    Mission Trail Community Service, Mindi Squire and Cari Rabroker