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  • We have a great responsibility in front of us to provide a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff during the 2020-21 school year. While our Back to School plans have been informed by local, state and national health and education officials, our plan prioritizes what is most important for Blue Valley--the health of our students and staff.

    A Back to School plan was developed so families can make informed decisions on options for the 2020-21 school year including:

    • In-Person Learning with modifications

    • All-virtual option, VirtualED, designed and taught by Blue Valley teachers (Registration for VirtualED closed on Aug. 5)

    While there are two options presented there are
    additional models within each plan that allow the district to respond based on the activity of the COVID-19 virus. Within the in-person option, families should be prepared for distance learning and hybrid (limiting capacity) models if state or local officials would provide closure or occupancy guidance. Additionally, high school students may take advantage of flexibility already in our high school program that allows students to take a la carte virtual courses and attend school in-person.


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    Students physically return to their brick-and-mortar schools, albeit with modifications. Where possible, close physical interaction will be as limited as possible, transitions reduced and other measures in place to minimize exposure for students and staff. Depending on guidance from state and local officials, students in the in-person setting may experience periods of distance learning due to school closure or attend school on a hybrid schedule.

    Students take all of their coursework online. Courses are designed and taught by Blue Valley teachers. All students are eligible and there is no additional cost to select this option. This option is not a temporary or short-term placement; students are expected to remain in the program for a minimum of a semester. Students will have the opportunity to opt in or out at semester. Students in grades 8-12 will have the opportunity to participate in KSHSAA-sanctioned athletics and activities.


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    All students who reside within Blue Valley attendance boundaries are eligible. Typical registration fees apply.

    All students who reside within Blue Valley attendance boundaries are eligible. Typical registration fees apply. There are no additional fees to enroll in VirtualED.


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    By the end of the fall semester, there will be a K-12 1:Learner initiative in place for all Blue Valley students.  

    Students in the VirtualED program will have a district-provided computing device that they will be expected to use for their classwork. Students in K-2 will receive an iPad, 3-8 a Chromebook and 9-12 a MacBook Air. There is assistance for families with no or limited internet access. 


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    Students will experience the full Blue Valley curriculum. Some courses, due to their nature, may be modified based on health and safety precautions. Students may choose to enroll in à la carte virtual courses as they have been able to in the past. 

    Students will have access to a robust list of courses. Most core classes and limited elective/explo/specials offerings will be provided. The full Blue Valley curriculum will be taught in the offered courses. 



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    Students will experience the high-quality, Blue Valley learning that families have come to know, with some modifications to certain activities due to health and safety precautions.

    Students will experience the high-quality, Blue Valley learning that families have come to know, in a virtual format. Virtual courses will consist of live/synchronous activities on a regular basis with the student's teacher as well as independent learning and work completed asynchronously.


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    The hours a student spends at school will look similar to past years. School day schedules have been adjusted to minimize transitions and exposure for students and staff. There also may be some adjustments at the beginning and end of days to limit close physical interaction. 

    Students in the VirtualED program should plan to spend a similar amount of time on school work and in live/synchronous sessions with teachers as their in-person peers. Students can plan on spending around six hours a day on school and be available during normal school hours. The all-virtual option will not represent a reduction of learning time, as was the case in the spring of 2020 with Continuous Learning.


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    Assessments and grading will continue as in years past. Grading will resume as it was before the school closure of spring 2020. In the event of a student's extended absence due to COVID-19, their grades will not be penalized. 

    Students in the VirtualED program will receive high-quality feedback and engage in assessments similar to their in-person peers. Students will take all state and district tests. Grades and progress reports will be shared in the same manner and on the same timeline as in-person courses. 


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    Teachers will continue to communicate with families in traditional methods. Teachers will regularly post content and activities to assist students when home for periods of absence as a result of COVID-19. 

    Teachers will use Canvas as the platform for all class communication, parent information, class activities, live/synchronous session links, etc. 


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    You will register in much the same way as you have in the past. For information about this process, visit the Registration web page.

    Registration for VirtualED closed on Aug. 5. 

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