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    Deborah Noyes

    4th Grade

    School Phone: 239-6600


  • Class Update for February 13-15, 2017


    Upcoming Events:

    Safety Patrol Week: Helpers for the week can be found under the Assignments & Handouts tab- Parent Info.

    Monday- "Sunflower Award" nominations due

    Tuesday-Valentine's Day Party @ 2:45 (Decorated boxes/bags may be brought to school)

    Wednesday- Parent-Teacher Conferences 4-8 PM (after school hours)

    Thursday- No classes; Parent-Teacher Conferences  8 AM-8PM

    Friday- No classes

    Next Week:

    Monday- No school: Presidents Day

    Academic Highlights:

    No spelling list or Power Drill this week.

    English- P.O.W. "Sunflower Award" nominations were started in class 2 weeks ago as we use a graphic organizer to brainstorm BV VIrtues, review lessons on writing a strong paragraph with a main idea sentence, supporting details that give more information about the main idea, and a conclusion.  We practice writing paragraphs about an imaginary student to model the writing process.  Time was given in class to write the draft for this P.O.W. (Paragraph of the Week) assignment.  Then students edited and were asked to have a parent do a "quick check" so that they could write or type the final copy; due today. 

    As the next step in the writing process, we will share some of our writing during author's chair this week.  We'll "TAG" our writing [T= tell about something you liked (writing traits); A= ask a question/get clarification from the author; and G= give advice to the author to continue getting even better at their craft].  Students are getting better at giving and taking constructive comments!


    Math- Topic 12 will cover adding and subtracting fractions,

    Social Studies- Our partner project continues this week with more research in the library.  Teams will use both print and online resources to find info to put on their notecards.  (Project duration 6-8 weeks)

  • Class Update for February 6-10, 2017

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday-Power Drill #12 and spelling CONTRACTIONS list come home today; "Sunflower Award" final copy form sent home to write/type final draft; NE Commercial Project begins

    Tuesday- Early Dismissal


    Thursday-Power Drill #12 due

    Friday- Spelling test

    Next Week:

    Monday- P.O.W. "Sunflower Award" final copy due today

    Academic Highlights:

    Spelling- This week's words are CONTRACTIONS.  For Friday's test, I'll choose 20 of the words from the "Contractions" sheet to test the class on.  I am asking the class to study all of the words to prepare for the test on Friday.

    English- Students had time during our classes last week to brainstorm, write a rough draft, share ideas, and start on the editing/revising process for our P.O.W. "Sunflower Award" for this week.  This week students will be editing/revising on their own, and are asked to have an adult help to look over their paragraph to do a final check after they have finished editing on their own.  Thank you for helping out with this important writing project that recognizes students who show the BV Virtues.  Final copies of the nominations are due on Monday, February 13th.  Final copies may be typed and then glued onto the form, or written in neat handwriting on the form that I sent home today.

    Math- Power Drill #12 is assigned this week.  It is due on Thursday.

    Students will be learning how to find a common denominator to compare fractions, doing some problem solving items with fractions, and taking the test for Topic 11 on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on how they do on these lessons).

    We'll continue our fractions studies in Topic 12 later in the week.

    Social Studies- We have a special speaker, Mr. Crown, coming to talk with us about pioneers today.  He will be showing us and letting us have hands-on experience with authentic tools, games, and other artifacts that the pioneers used.

    We'll also be finishing up on our study of the NE region of the US.  Sutents will be working with a partner to research a NE state to make a commercial to convince their classmates to move to their chosen state.  This project will use library skills, research techniques, working cooperatively, writing persuasive text, and filming a commercial on iPads to present to the class.  (Our timeline is approximately 6-8 weeks for completion.)

  • Classroom Update for January 30- February 3, 2017

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- Power Drill #11, Sunflower Award, & spelling list come home today

    Tuesday-Start brainstorming Sunflower Award traits (AT SCHOOL); Friday Folders

    Wednesday-Spelling practice due; January 20/20 calendar due (new Febr. calendar coming home)

    Thursday-Power Drill #11 due

    Friday-Spelling test

    Academic Focus:

    Math- Power Drill #11 (due TH)

    We are continuing to work on equivalent fractions using fraction models, number lines, and multiplication or division to find our answers.  Next we'll work on comparing fractions and putting them in order.

    Spelling- This week's words are based on class need.  We are reviewing frequently misspelled words.  Students have a list of 13 words and a fill-in-the-blank practice page that uses the list words (some words are used more than once).

    English- DOL week 6 quiz is on Wednesday.

    Writing- Students will be writing a "Sunflower Award" nomination for someone in 4th grade that exemplifies the BV Virtues. Students should bring their materials to school each day this week so that we can get started on our brainstorming chart, share ideas, and start on the rough draft DURING SCHOOL.  They will need one adult to help them edit the nomination after they complete the rought draft.  The final copy of their nomination is due Monday, Febr. 13th.

    Please refer to the following schedule:

    Monday- Introduction of project; Students will take forms home to share the info with parents & choose the person they will nominate.

    Tuesday- Brainstorm BV traits and fill in the brainstorming chart during school

    Wednesday- Begin rough draft at school (125 words or less; 1-3 short paragraphs)

    Thursday- Continue to write draft...

    Reading- Our class is reading many different texts about the environment and animals to practice a variety of comprehension skills.  Skills include; main idea/details, author's purpose, recall important details, draw conclusions, using text features for better comprehension, comparing and contrasting info, and reading a chart.

    Social Studies- Summarizing the social studies text about the NE region.

  • Classroom Update for January 23-27, 2017

    Upcoming Events:

    *The Safety Patrol schedule for this week can be found under Parent Information.

    Monday- Power Drill #10 assigned;

    Tuesday- 9:50 Randy Nadler Assembly (travel talks); 2PM Early Dismissal

    Wednesday- 8:35 School Celebration Assembly (gym)

    Thursday- Power Drill #10 due


    Academic Focus:

    Math- Power Drill #10 is assigned this week for homework.

    On Monday, students will be reviewing our activities from last week by naming factors for a given number, sorting numbers into groups as prime or composite numbers, and deciding if those composite numbers are square numbers.  Then we will continue to review multiples, before continuing on with basic fraction concepts like equivalent fractions, using a number line to show fractions, and comparing and putting fractions in order.

    English- Students will finish typing their "Holiday Traditions" piece this week (due Friday).  We will also continue reviewing grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization rules for D.O.L. (Daily Oral Language) for week 6.  We are also talking about usage of a, an, and the this week.

    Reading- Continue to keep track of reading minutes for the January 20/20 Calendar (due February 1st).

    Students will continue to work on finding the main idea in paragraphs and stories, summarizing texts, and drawing conclusions & making predictions in our lessons this week. Our continuing theme about the environment will give us many opportunities to link our reading with our science studies.

    Social Studies- Northeast Region studies (history, geography, and economy)

    Science- Environmental studies

  • Classroom Update for January 17-20, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: No School

    Tuesday-School resumes

    Wednesday-Math test for topic 10


    Friday-Power Drill #9 due; Safety Patrol Pizza Party! (Look for next week's schedule under Parent Information)

    Academic Highlights:

    Math- Power Drill #9 (due Friday instead of the usual Thursday because of our short week)

    We will be finishing our division practice for Topic 10 and taking the test over the unit on Wednesday.

    Reading- We have been reading materials about natural resources and the environment as we begin our Earth Theme for reading.  This topic goes along with our science studies.  We are making a brochure about renewable, non-renewable, and alternative sources of energy to summarize the main ideas and details from our reading.

    Some of the key reading skills that we will focus on this week are monitoring our comprehension as we read, summarizing information, and drawing conclusions.

    English- Daily Oral Language (DOL) Week 5 (practice for common capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules)

    Writing focus: We'll revise our Holiday Traditions story this week, focusing on adding dialogue, using more describing words & specific verbs, and organization.  We'll also review how to tell the main purpose of the writing piece; What are your holiday traditions?

    Science- Natural Resources

    Social Studies- Our class will continue to read and discuss information about the Northeast region of the United States  *We will also take some time on Tuesday to talk about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Classroom Update for December 12-16, 2016

    Upcoming Dates:

    Monday- Spelling list and practice pages sent home;

    Tuesday- NE States & Capitals test

    Wednesday- MAP Test for reading in the afternoon; 3:00 Counselor visit

    Thursday- 1:30 Spelling Bee (Class Reps: Nathan & Ryan!); 3:00 Library check-out

    Friday-Spelling test

    Next Week:


    Tuesday- 10:45 Winter Parties; 11:45 Dismissal; End of 1st Semester

    *Wednesday, December 21, 2016- Tuesday, January 3, 2017: WINTER BREAK

    *Wednesday, January 4, 2017: School Resumes

    Academic Focus:

    Spelling- Seasonal Word list; practice pages due Wednesday; test Friday

    Writing- Creative writing: Onomatopoeia Poems; "Informational" writing

    Reading-Fluency checks; Informational Text (reading & science texts)

    *Our monthly 20/20 reading calendar will resume in January.

    Math-Topic 9: Focus on division strategies [estimation, mental math (250/5= 50), and dividing by 1-digit

    Science-Force and Motion: Focus on electricity

    Social Studies- Northeast Region studies; States and capitals test is Tuesday

  • Classroom Update for December 5-9, 2016

    Upcoming Dates:


    Tuesday- Early Dismissal

    Wednesday- Penguin Shopping; MAP test for math (in the afternoon)




    Next Wednesday- MAP test for reading (in the afternoon)

    Academic Focus:

    Spelling- No spelling this week; Practice NE states & capitals

    Writing- Focus on expository writing

    Reading- Onomatopoeia words;

    Social Studies- Study the states and capitals of the Northeast region.  The map test will be on Tuesday, December 13th.  Review pages were sent home last week (and can also be found under SS in Assignments & Handouts for extra copies).

    Math- No Power Drill this week.

    After a short review on Tuesday, we will have our Topic 8 test on Wednesday.  Math Topic 9 covers the concepts of ...

    Science- Force & Motion chapter 5: focus on electrical energy

  • Classroom Update for November 28- December 2, 2016

    Upcoming Events:



    Wednesday- Respect Assembly;  NE states & capitals map/study sheet sent home

    Thursday- Power Drill #7 due


    Next Week:

    Tuesday- Early Dismissal Day@2PM

    Academic Focus:

    Spelling- Spelling Bee Week; No spelling list this week.

    We will be having a class spelling bee over the next several days to choose our class representatives for the school-wide spelling bee.

    Reading- The 20/20 calendar for independent reading in November is due on Thursday.  (There will not be a 20/20 calendar for December.)

    Reading skills this week are: using context clues and text features to help comprehension, author's purpose, onomatopoeia words, and fluency in reading.  We will use our science, reading, and TFK resources for reading this week.

    *Our library project for IDIOMS will be completed on ThinkLink and uploaded onto our Seesaw accounts this week.  Look for more information about this in the coming weeks!

    Math- Power Drill #7 is assigned for this week.

    Topic 8 will be covered this week.  This topic focuses on using arrays to understand 2-digit multiplication strategies.  We will also be doing problem solving items that ask us to solve multiple steps to find the answer.

    Science- We'll continue our study of force and motion this week.

    Social Studies- Northeast Region studies; I will be sending home a map and practice test sheet on Wednesday for the class to use for studying their states and capitals for the Northeast region.  (We will be doing this instead of having a spelling list for the next two weeks.)  The test will consist of a map with numbers on it.  Students will write the number of the state next to the state name, and then use a word bank to write the capital that matches the state (see documents under SS for a preview of what this looks like).  I will be changing the numbers on the states, so I will remind everyone to study the locations, not the numbers on the map.  The test will be on Tuesday, 12/13.

  • Classroom Update for November 14-18, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- Power Drill #6 sent home


    Wednesday- Picture retakes; counselor visit

    Thursday- Library check-out

    Friday- Wear spirit wear

    Academic Outline:

    Spelling- No spelling this week.

    Writing- DOL quiz for week 2 is on Tuesday.  The 4th graders will review the 4 kinds of sentences this week for our grammar studies (declarative=statements, interrogative=questions, imperative=commands, and exclamatory=exclamations).

    Students will complete their paragraph called "It Drives Me Batty" by Wednesday.  The paragraph focus is on creating a well- tought out paragraph that includes the 6-Traits of VOICE.  Next we'll be writing about something that we are most THANKFUL for.

    Reading- Continue to record independent reading minutes of the 20/20 calendar for November.  Our skills this week include; determining important information, Greek and Latin roots study, using synonyms as context clues, and onomatopoeia (sound words in our reading and writing).  Students will be writing a poem using onomatopoeia in a chosen setting in the coming weeks (ex. sound words at a football game).

    Math- We began Topic 7 today with a lesson on how to expand a 2-digit by 2-digit problem to do mental math [ex. 23x10= (20x10) + (3x10)].  This topic also reviews other mental math strategies, like estimation by rounding, and solving multi-step story problems.

    Science- We'll finish Unit 2: Chapters 2 and begin chapter 3 in our science book this week.  Chapter two focuses on Collisions and how energy is transferred, whereas chapter 3 talks more about how heat, light, and/or sound can be a result of collisions.

  • Classroom Update for November 7-11, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- spelling practice & Power Drill #5 sent home; 2:30- Veterans Day Assembly; Kids Vote!

    Tuesday- Math test over Topic 6; Election Day 2016

    Wednesday- spelling practice pages due;

    Thursday- Power Drill #5 due;

    Friday-Veterans Day; spelling test

    Academic Summary:

    Math- The class will take the Topic 6 test on Tuesday.  Our next topic helps to teach multiplication by 10, 100, and 1,000.  Students will also practice the expanded and standard method for multiplying by 2-digit numbers (ex. 43x19 and 123x26).

    *Please note: all MAPS tables and graphs can be found under the math tab under Assignments & Handouts found on the left side of this page.  All Power Drills are posted there as well.

    Reading- Continue to write down time spent reading every night on the 20/20 calendar for November.  The goal is to read at least 20 minutes for 20 days each month. 

    We'll read some articles about the election in our StoryWorks studies, and continue to work on these reading skills this week;

    1) Determining Important Info.

    2) Synonyms

    3) Fluency in our reading

    4) Using context clues

    5) Determine Author's Purpose

    6) Opinion writing (We will write a paragraph next week in English related to this election-themed reading selection.)

    Spelling-The words this week help to practice the spellings for the au and aw sounds.  Handwriting and practice pages are due on Wednesday. The test is on Friday. 

    *Spelling pages are posted under the spelling tab on the left.

    English/Writing- Students will illustrate their Holiday Alliteration this week.  Look for these on the wall outside of the classroom next week! 

    Paragraph Writing: Focus on VOICE & Conventions

    Our class brainstormed topics for our "It Drives Me Batty!" paragraphs and started the rough drafts last week.  This week we will finish the draft, edit, and make a final copy to share with our friends.  Starting on Tuesday night, I am asking each child to have an adult help them edit their paragraph for content and conventions.  (They will have a chance to edit by themselves and with 2 friends before this step.)  Please initial the paragraph before sending it back to school by Friday.  We'll do the final draft here at school. 

    Social Studies- The election and Washington, D.C. will be our focus in SS this week.

    Science- Chapter 2 content reviews how energy is transferred with a collision.  The variables that we'll look at are; 1) when 2 objects are the same weight & are traveling at the same speed, and 2) what occurs when either the weight or speed of motion differs between the two objects that collide.

  • Classroom Update for October 17- 21, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    *Don't forget to sign up online for Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 26-27.

    As of today (10/17), there are still many spots open on October 27 between 11AM-4PM.


    Monday- Spelling pages, Power Drill #3, and x facts study sheet sent home

    Tuesday-Book Orders for October due

    Wednesday-Spelling pages due

    Thursday-Power Drill #3 due; Library Check-out (return library books)

    Friday- Spelling test; Gold practice sheet due; Report Cards on ParentVue

    Academic Highlights:

    Spelling- This week's list helps review the spelling for the long and short oo sounds.  This week's homework consists of a handwriting practice sheet and two, short practice pages to review the words.  These are due on Wednesday.  The spelling test is on Friday.

    English/Writing-  We will be focusing on a class goal to improve our editing skills this quarter.  With this in mind, we'll be editing daily sentences to practice looking for common spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors.

    The class will also be doing some short writing activities for FALL in the next two weeks.  Skills covered will be: expanding sentences by adding details (ex. adjective and adverbs), using our senses to describe FALL, and sequence in writing.  We'll also continue our paragraph writing with the topic "It Drives Me Batty!"  Finally, students will write a fun, Halloween alliteration poem about Halloween.

    Reading- The class should continue to work on their PUMPKIN BIOGRAPHY this week.  The main focus is to take their organized notes and write them on notecards.  We will be setting up the notecards at school to help them in this process.  We will also look at some pumpkins that were decorated last year to start thinking about how to do this for the presentation.  *Pumpkin Biography speeches will be given on October 25-26, and 31.

    *Students should also keep on working on the October 20/20 reading calendar by writing their reading minutes each day.

    Students will be finalizing their slide shows for their "I Come From..." poems this week.  This has been a really fun project to do.  They are learning a lot about how to add pictures, music, and voice overs to their slide show on the iPads.

    Math- We will start TOPIC 5 in math this week.  This topic covers how to multiply by 10, 100, and 1,000, the break-apart method for multiplying 2 by 1 digits, and using mental math and rounding to multiply numbers.

    Power Drill #3 is assigned this week.  We practice problems like those found on the Power Drill every day during our morning warm-ups.  We are really focusing on solving division problems with a remainder this week.

    Science- Students will continue to explore Force and Motion with class discussions, activities, and by reading the text and taking notes.

  • Classroom Update for October 31- November 4, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- 2:30 Halloween Parade; 2:45 Party; Spelling practice pages and Power Drill sent home

    Tuesday- Early Dismissal @2PM;

    Wednesday- Spelling practice pages due;

    Thursday- Power Drill & Homophone pair work due

    Friday- Spelling test;

    Academic Summary:

    Spelling- Homophone list #2: Students will have handwriting, practice pages, and an individual project where they will write a sentence & draw a picture to share their assigned word pair with the rest of the class.

    English- We will continue to work on our FALL-themed writing projects (alliteration, It Drives Me Batty, etc.)  We will also do a fun, Halloween dictionary art page.

    Reading- This week's reading skills are cause-effect, synonyms, sequence, and determining important information.

    Math- Students will start topic 6 in class this week.  This topic is five lessons long, and will review the expanded form for multiplying by 1-digit and the regular method for multiplying by  1-digit.  We will work on multiplying up to 4-digits by 1-digit numbers (2,315 x 4 = ___).


  • Classroom Update for October 10-13, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- Power Drill #2 sent home; continue to read for info on the biography project & organize notes


    Wednesday- Math test 4; counselor lesson

    Thursday- Power Drill #2 due; library check-out (books due)

    Friday- No school (professional development and grade card preparation for 1st quarter)

    Next Monday- x fact study sheet due (gold 1/2 sheet)


    Academic Highlights:

    Spelling- No spelling this week.

    Math- Power Drill #2 is assigned this week for computation practice.  Students are working every morning to review regrouping for addition &subtraction, and we're also doing extra division problems with a remainder to practice these skills for this assignment.  The story problems use the MAPS process. (The steps and graphs/tables can be found under assignments and handouts- math.) *Students are asked to get the signature of the adult who helps to check over their problems before they turn in the page.

    We will have our test over Topic 4 on Wednesday, 10/12.  This is a revision of the previous timetable because of class needs.  We have been working on checking over regrouping for addition and subtraction problems for more accuracy in our work.

    Topic 5 will reinforce multiplication concepts like multiplying by 10, 100, and 1,000, breaking apart the problem into parts, rounding with multiplication, and story problems that ask for us to use reason to find the solution.

    Reading- Students will continue to read for information about their biography subject by looking at other sources of information and then start to organize their notes.  We will be going over each step of the research process in class to help students to prepare for their presentations later in the month.

    Writing- Students are taking a Narrative Test to assess their writing skills for the 1st quarter this week.  (All 4th grade students are doing this in the district.)

    I will also continue to work on revising and editing the "Where I'm From" poems with each students.

    Science- Students will be doing a ramp experiment to coincide with our study of force and motion.  We will use a ball, ramp, meter stick, and protractor to measure the angle of our ramp as we find the best ramp to roll the ball 1 meter, and then follow this up with another experiment to find the ramp that allows a 2 meter roll to occur.  *(Extra lesson: How to use a protractor.)


    Behavior/Acdemic Goals:  This week we will look at our personal survey on class behaviors and determine if we have made our class goal for the week.  Some of the areas that students are working on are; following directions the first time they are given, using class time appropriately, and having self-discipline in our actions.

  • Classroom Update for October 3-7, 2016


    Upcoming Dates:  *Safety Patrol all week (look for more info under Assignments & Handouts- Parent Info)

    Monday- September 20/20 reading calendars due (October 20/20 calendars were sent home on Friday)

    Tuesday- Early Dismissal Day 2PM

    Wednesday- Spelling practice due;

    Thursday- Power Drill due;

    Friday- Spelling test; math facts practice sheets due; LATE WORK, P.C. papers, & make-up work due today


    *Please note: In order to have time to prepare for report card entry on Friday, October 14th, all Make-up, recent P.C. papers, and LATE WORK is due this Friday, October 7th.)


    Academic Highlights:

    Math- We will begin TOPIC 4 in our math series.  This topic reviews addition and subtraction strategies, including regrouping across place values, rounding before adding or subtracting, and problem solving situations involving addition and subtraction.  This is a short topic, and we will finish and if everything goes according to plan we'll take our test on Monday, October 10th.

    Spelling-  This week we will practice the spellings for words with the oo, yoo, and u sounds. The list and practice pages can be found under Assingments & Handouts- spelling if students lose their original copies.  Practice pages and handwriting (print 2 times each) are both due on Wednesday this week.

    Writing- Students will continue to edit and revise their "I am From..." poems with me this week.

    Reading- Students will begin their Pumpkin Biography project by checking out a boigraphy on Monday.  We will be practicing how to take notes, how to use a note-taking sheet to organize our information, and planning out the due dates for each step of this long-term project.

    Social Studies- We are finishing our review of grid maps early this week.

    Science- Our class will be learning about energy, force, and motion as we begin to read Unit 2 of our science series.

  • Classroom Update for September 26-30, 2017

    Upcoming Dates:

    Monday- Spelling lists, practice pages, & Homophone Book project sent home;




    Friday- School Picture Day; Spelling test & Homophones Book due;

    Saturday- October 20/20 calendar begins today (bring September 20/20 on Monday for a grade)

    Academic Highlights:

    Spelling- This week the class will be reviewing homophones.  They have a practice page to complete by Thursday, and a Homophones Book project.  For this project they will write down one spelling word on each page, use it in a sentence that shows the appropriate usage of the word, and then illustrate the homophone for each word.  These books can be worked on during school, but students will need additional work at home to complete this project.  (Spelling lists and pages can be found under the assignments tab.)

    English-  Students continue to work on a "STRONG" paragraph about friendship this week.  We shared some student work last week to decide whether the paragraphs gave supporting information about the good qualities of a friend.  We will work on revising and editing the paragraphs to get ready to do a final copy.

    Reading- Three comprehension skills will be our focus in reading this week; determining important information (main ideas & important details), determining author's purpose, and sequencing events. 

    Students are continuing to read and discuss literature with the theme of heritage.

    Math- This week we will be finishing up on Topic 3: Place Value of large numbers.  We will spend a little time each day reviewing the topic information for the test.  (We will have the test on Friday or Monday depending on the students' grasp of the content.)

  • Classroom Update for September 19-23, 2016 

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday-Spelling words, handwriting practice page, & practice pages sent home

    Tuesday-What's in a Name? (mini-project info sent home); Donuts with Dad (7:15-8:15AM)

    Wednesday-Handwriting due; Skating party after school

    Thursday- Spelling practice pages due

    Friday-1/2 day school (dismissal@11:45 AM); spelling test; Gold math facts practice sheet due

    Did you know???

    Students can earn a "Homework Badge" each week if they complete all assignments on time!  I will be doing something special for students who earn 5 badges this quarter!!! 

    Look for these "Homework Badges" which are stapled in your child's assignment book.


    Academic Highlights:

    Math-Today we reviewed topic 2 work and then took the test. 

    On Tuesday we will begin topic 3.  This topic focuses on large number place value concepts including ordering, comparing, writing different forms of numbers (models, word/written, standard, and expanded forms), and problem solving situations.

    *DON'T FORGET: The gold math facts practice sheets are due each FRIDAY for math points.  Students are being asked to focus on -one fact family at a time- and tested over the facts on a weekly basis.  The goal is to have all facts learned by the end of the semester. 

    Reading & Writing- Our studies this week will continue to explore the idea of culture.  As students read and discuss more about this topic, we will also be working on fluency, comprehension skills, like determining important information (main ideas & details), sequencing, and vocabulary skills, like adjective suffixes. 

    Students will be finishing their "Where I'm From..." poems in school this week.  After the draft is done, we'll begin to revise and edit them together.

    What's in a Name?

    Mini-project:  On Tuesday, students will bring home a sheet to find out information about how they got their name.  Thank you for helping them to fill out this sheet.

    Spelling-This week's word list practices the long and short vowel sounds for i and o.  Students were given the word lists, handwriting practice (print each word neatly 2 times each), and the practice pages today to work on.

    Our weekly spelling schedule is:

    Monday- Homework sent home

    Wednesday- Handwriting practice due today

    Thursday- Practice pages due

    Friday- Spelling test today

    Social Studies- We will work some more this week on memorizing the Preamble to the ConstitutionIn addition to this we'll also review latitude and longitude skills in geography.


    Behavior Goals: 

  • Classroom Update for September 12-16, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Monday- Miss Noyes's class for Safety Patrol (AM starts at 8:15)

    Tuesday- Early Dismissal Day (2PM)

    Wednesday-Spelling practice pages due


    Friday- Spelling test

    Academic Highlights:

    Spelling-This is our first week for a routine spelling test.  The words review the short a and e vowel sounds.  The list is online and also can be found at the top of the practice pages that were handed out on Monday.  Practice pages are due on Wednesday, and the test over the list is on Friday.

    Writing/English-Students will finish their letter to a character and the personal narrative "pretest" this week in class.

    Reading-Theme 1, week 1 studies continue this week.

    Math-Our class will conclude our lessons on finding the rule for pairs of numbers using input-output tables, extending geometric patterns, and the problem solving strategy of acting out and using reasoning to solve problems.  We will have our Topic 2 test early next week.  (Look for more info to come.)

    Social Studies- Celebrate Freedom Week activities continue our look at the Constitution, rules and priveleges, and responsibilities in the USA.

  • Classroom Update for September 6-9, 2016

    Upcoming Events:

    Tuesday- Begin topic 1 review for math


    Thursday- Math topic 1 test


    Academic Focus:

    Math- We will finish topic 1 on Wednesday with some problem solving exercises and a review of the multiplication and division concepts covered in the chapter.  The test over topic 1 is Thursday.  Students were asked to take home their math books this week to use the review and practice test pages (starting on page 32) to prepare for the test.

    On Friday, students will begin topic 2 extending our review of number and shape patterns.

    Reading- As we finish our novel, students are writing a friendly letter to a character from The Hundred Dresses to give the characters advice about the bullying in the classroom.

    We will begin Theme 1 in our reading series about our family heritage.  We'll also take time to practice reading rotations,  and talk about the expectations for independent work.  As we explore this unit together students will be asked to reflect on their traditions as well as to compare and contrast the traditions of the other students around them.

    Handwriting- Students will begin our review of cursive handwriting this week.  Our first lesson is writing undercurve letters and making the correct connections between letters. 

    Writer's Workshop- Students will be writing many paragraphs in the coming weeks to practice different skills, and to  respond to literature, or write about a topic from our studies (ex. reading).  We started this today by looking at "stoplight sentences"; green is for the topic sentence, yellow are the details about the main idea, and red represents the concluding sentence.  This method helps students to "build a better" sentence by making the process more visual.

    Social Studies- Our class will be learning more about latitude and longitude for geography,  explore why people live where they do, and learn more about the U.S. Constitution as we prepare for next week's "Celebrate Freedom Week".

    Behavior Goals: This week we will be focusing on the class expectations during independent work time; time on-task, stamina in our studies, working quietly with partners, and rotations during reading class.

  • Classroom Update for August 29- September 2, 2016

    Upcoming Dates:

    Monday- x Facts study sheet sent home for this week

    Tuesday- 2PM Early Dismissal Day

    Wednesday-  MAP math testing starting @12:45

    Thursday- Library check-out day; counselor lesson; Independent reading calendar for September 20/20 sent home

    Friday- Leopards Day; Continents & Oceans map test; 2:45 Catwalk Assembly; *Friday Folders will be sent home this week with graded work.

    Next Week:

    Monday- Labor Day (No School)

    Academic Focus:

    Math-Topic 1 continues with the main focus on multiplication & division facts; looking for patterns, and relating multiplication and division fact families.  We are reviewing math facts each day in class, and students have a new, orange sheet to keep track of their practice minutes at home.  Students are asked to write down their minutes and record how they studied their facts each night.  The goal is to practice at least 10 minutes every night (total; 40 minutes/week).  This sheet is due Friday.

    Reading-Our conclusion of The Hundred Dresses will conclude with activities such as mapping character traits and supporting ideas with text evidence, a review of key vocabulary words from the book, and a discussion on "what would you do" for different bullying situations.

    English-The creative writing project about "RULES" will be "published" as a final copy this week.

    SS/Spelling- Study location and spelling for Friday's Continents and Oceans test; The students will be given a map with numbers on the oceans and continents.  They will be asked to name the locations, and write them with the correct spelling and captialization.  A grade will be given for both Social Studies (locations) and spelling (spell and capitalize).  Although we have been playing games in class each day, independent review is encouraged. :-)

    Behavior Focus:

    We continue to work on using class time wisely, monitoring our talking, and having smooth transitions.  This week we'll begin more in depth discussions about how to work as a T.E. A. M.  Sometimes we have to cooperate with other people requiring us to compromise and share responsibilities.  Problem solving the steps to go through when we encounter a problem in team dynamics will be an ongoing discussion this year. 


    1.  I can be angry and have a strong feeling and not get into trouble.

    2.  I can do something even if I don't want to (or if it's hard).

    3.  I can be okay even if others are not okay.

  • Classroom Update for August 22-26, 2016

    Upcoming Dates:


    Tuesday- Continents & Oceans study sheets sent home (Test Friday, 9/2)

    Wednesday- BIST session

    Thursday- MAP Testing for reading@10AM; bring a fruit or vegetable snack (optional)

    Friday- Leawood Leopards Day (wear spirit wear); Strings intent letters due


    Next Tuesday, 8/30- Early Release@2PM

    Next Thursday, 9/1- MAP Testing for math@12:40PM

    Next Friday, 9/2- Continents & Oceans Test (location on a map and spelling)

    Academic Focus:

    Math- This week our class will be reviewing key multiplication concepts.  Some of the vocabulary that we will be exploring through hands-on, models, and problem solving is: arrays (ex. models showing that 3x4= 3 rows of 4), repeated addition, factors, products, Identity Property (x1), Zero Property (x0), Commutative Property of X (3x4=4x3), and looking for patterns in multiplication.  We will also be reviewing math facts daily.

    Reading- Our class continues to read, discuss, and work on vocabulary for The Hundred Dresses.  Our focus this week is on characterization, making inferences, and using imagery.  We are also reading fairy tales to help us summarize using the 5 story elements "story hand" visual.

    Writing- The class is writing about a rule by giving a creative reason for the rule.  We'll finish our drafts this week and begin talking about editing (CUPS) and revising (ARMS) strategies.

    Social Studies- Our study of geography continues this week...

    Behavior Goal:

    We are all off to a great start in 4th grade!  This week our focus is on listening, following directions the first time that they are given, and using our time wisely to get work done at school (and in a timely manner).

  • Classroom Update for August 15-19, 2016

    Upcoming Dates:

    Monday- Assignment notebooks come home for the first time; initial and return each day; Library check-out

    Tuesday- Strings demonstration (BVN)

    Wednesday- Strings letter sent home

    Thursday- Parent Night Information (Choose either the first session@6-6:25 or the second session@6:45-7:15; *There will be an all-school message@6:25-6:40 in all of rooms.)

    Friday- Leawood Leopards Day (wear LES t-shirts, etc.);Scholastic book order info sent home

    *Signed technology forms should be returned to school as soon as possible.  If you did not get one at Parent Info Night, please email me and I will send one home.


    Scholastic Book Orders (online code for our class is: PJHLM); Final due date for the beginning of the year orders is Friday, September 23th.

    Scholastic website -->  https:clubs.scholastic.com/home

    *Books can be ordered online only this year. The class earns FREE books for total orders, which helps to "grow" our class library!  You can also order from multiple catalogues at one time.


    Academic Focus:

    Math- Review skills (Addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication facts, time, money & calendars, etc.)

    Reading- Fluency & comprehension checks; Novel- Hundred Dresses (Theme: bullying); Story elements (characters, setting, problem, events/plot, solution); Comprehension (predictions, inferencing, text evidence for character traits, etc.); vocabulary acquisition

    ELA- Getting to know you projects

    Social Studies- Review of map skills (ex. cardinal & intermediate directions); continents and oceans review


    Behavior Goals:

    Our class will review the school rules and 4th grade procedures to help set up a successful year.  Knowing these things can help us to know what is expected, how to respond to different situations that come up in school, and to make it our goal to make good choices each day.  Mistakes will happen & they are an opportunity to learn life skills.

    "It is never OK to be disruptive or hurtful".